MEDICINE 4.0 2019/20 is scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2020 at the MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur. The inaugural conference aims to bring together presenters and panellists from a cross- section of industry experts, academics, thought leaders and heads of multinational corporations to discuss and recognise the advent of new treatment paradigms and technological innovation trends to make healthcare more predictive for better patient outcome.

This 2 Days Interactive Conference Platform will also witness promising innovative health Start-up companies presenting game- changing technology for improved patient experience. With technology being the driving force behind healthcare advances, evidently, the Startups are mounting to be an essential component transforming healthcare delivery today.

key objectives

Support predictive cutting edge treatment paradigms for better patient outcome
Implement Malaysian state-of-the-art healthcare services through Industry 4.0
Recognise Malaysian policies and regulatory framework for healthcare innovation
Clarify the role of government in healthcare innovations and internationalisation

Promote public and private partnership for commercialisation of new medical technologies
Elevate Healthcare Startups as driver to the Malaysian economy
Highlight MATRADE’s functions and gaps in the value chain
Identify the role of investors and venture capitalist
conference highlights

Speakers & Panel Discussion

International & Local Medical Specialist from various fields of medicine and medical advancements.


Learn from the top in the field. Get the latest details, offerings and insights into current and future emerging technologies.


2-Days of unparalleled networking potential opportunities with showcases on latest products, innovations and future trends.
conference outcome

Awareness of commercialisation potentials will be heightened amongst academics, particularly relating to intellectual property rights and technological transfer.

Exhibitors & Sponsors
Provides an avenue to source for local and foreign investors and provides exposure to international and local business networks.

Corporations & Governments
Collaboration between industry and government to seek available funds for research and infrastructure support leading to commercialisation of products and services.

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